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Benjamin Y. Dixon, Ph.D


May Book Reviews

Christopher J. Einolf

Wiley Sword

Geoffrey S. Edwards

Roger D. Hunt

Joseph G. Bilby

Edited by Gary D. Joiner

Kevin Dougherty

Richard Wagner

James Hedtk

Edited by William L. Caynor Sr

Drew Gilpin Faust

David C. Downing

Richard H. Sams

William Farina


April Book Reviews

Richard B. McCaslin

Alan Axelrod

Marc Leepson

Edited by Stephen E. Towne

Gordon C. Rhea, photographs by Chris E. Heisey

Charles P. Roland

Edited by John Y. Simon, Harold Holzer and Dawn Vogel

Charles W. Mitchell

Gary D. Joiner


February/March Book Reviews

Edited by Paul C. Nagel

Robert J. Miller

Steven M. Mayeux

Edited by David W. Lowe

Earl J. Hess

Hank H. Cox

David L. Callihan

Edited by G. Craig Caba and Amanda Fenstermacher

Stan Cohen and Keith Gibson


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