Preservation Columns & Opinion


(January) Fort Fisher and Beyond the 150th - Paul Liard


(October) Battle of Westport Update - Daniel L. Smith

(September) Saving Lee's HQ - James Lighthizer

(August) Fort Monroe Preservation- Mark Perreault

(July) Georgia Preservation - Charlie Crawford

(June) Soldiers & Sailors - Michael Kraus

(May) Taking Ownership of Preservation — Whose Battlefield Is It? - April McDonough

(April) BGES At 20 - Len Reidel

(February/March) Early 1900s Battlefield Preservation - Edwin C. Bearss

(January) Clara Barton’s Missing Soldiers Office Project - Susan Rosenvold


(December) Civil War Arkansas - Mark K. Christ

(August) Gettysburg - Howard Coffin

(July) The Meaning of Gettysburg - Joanne Hanley

(June) Gettysburg National Military Park - Bob Kirby

(May) Brandy Station - Clark B. Hall

(April) Preserving The Vicksburg Campaign - Parker Hills

(Feb/March) Forgotten In The Valley - Allan Tischler

(January) Stafford County, Va. Civil War Park - Glenn Trimmer


(No column in December)

(November) CMHL Rediscovers Its Founding Mission - Kevin Rawlings

(October) 1862: A Historic and Transformational Year - Frank J. Williams

(September) Antietam - Dr. Tom Clemens

(August) What 1862 Means Today - Denman Zirkle

(July) Coping With Budget Squeezes - John W. Guss

(June) Surviving Katrina - Stephen “Sam” Hood

(May) 150th Anniverary Of Black Soldiers - William A. Gladstone

(April) Preserving Johnny Reb - Byron Davis

(February/March) New York State Military Museum - Michael Aikey

(January) Civil War Trust’s Silver Anniversary - James Lighthizer


(December) Johnson’s Island Civil War Prison - David R. Bush

(November) Small Group, Large Impact - Tom Van Winkle

(October) The Civil War Is Always With Us - Frank J. Williams

(September) Rich Mountain Battlefield Foundation - By Richard Wolfe

(August) Reed's Bridge - By Ron Kelley

(July) A New “Threat” To Brandy Station Battlefield - By G. Michael Green

(June) Wilson's Creek - By April McDonough

(May) Preservation Can Save Lives - By George Wunderlich

(April) Mill Springs Battlefield Revisited - By Gilbert Wilson

(February/March) Civil War Trust - By James Lighthizer

(January) Lincoln’s Grand Review of 1861 - By Kim Holien


(December) Preserving Monterey Pass Battlefield - By John A. Miller

(November ) Flag Preservation - By Gregg Biggs

(October) Gettysburg Priorities - By James Robert (Bob) Kirby

(September) Tough Times Mean Tough Decisions - By A. Wilson Greene

(August 2010) What is Happening In Franklin, Tenn. - By Julian L. Bibb

(July 2010) Brandy Station’s Advocates - By Clark B. Hall

(June 2010) The War in Oklahoma - By Ralph Jones

(May 2010) MAY DAY! Protecting Collections From Disaster - By Jane Smith Stewart

(April 2010) Walmart in the Wilderness - By Russ Smith

(February/March 2010) Unsung Heros - By Joseph Garrara

(January 2010) Falling Waters Battlefield - By Gary Gimbel


(December 2009) Success At Antietam - By Tom Clemens

(November 2009) Remembering: 50 Years of Preservation - By G. Craig Caba

(October 2009) Preserving Objects - By Brett Kelley

(August 2009) Has The Sesquicentennial Been Hijacked? - By Len Riedel

(July 2009) The Watchdog and Leveraging Donations - By Craig L. Barry

(June 2009) Preservation at the Sesquicentennial - By James Lighthizer

(May2009) The Wilderness - By Zann Miner

(April 2009) The Fredericksburg Area - By Tom Van Winkle

(January 2009) Lincoln at 200 - By Frank J. Williams


(December 2008) Laurel Hill Battlefield, Where the Past is Present - By Lynne Llewelleyn Snyder

(November 2008) Historic Fort Mifflin - By Mike Cavanaugh

(October 2008) Saving Fortifications - By Dale E. Floyd

(September 2008) Image of War - By Garry Adelman

(August 2008) Paging Thru - By Part 2 The New Gettysburg Museum and Visitor Center - By Pete Jørgensen

(July 2008) Paging Thru - By The New Gettysburg Museum and Visitor Center - By Pete Jørgensen Response Follows

RESPONSE : (August 2008) Superintendent John Latschar Responds To CWN Column

(July 2008) Destruction At Cedar Creek - By Commentary by Robert K. Krick Response Follows

RESPONSE : (August 2008) Foundation Explains Details Of Cedar Creek Agreement by Joseph W.A. Whitehorne

(July 2008) The Battle Of Shepherdstown - By Ed Dunleavy

(June 2008) Memorial Hall - By Sam Hood

(May 2008) Living Historians Preserve History - By Thomas Fasulo

(April 2008) Georgia & South Carolina Civil War Heritage Trails - By By Steven W. Longcrier

(Feb/March 2008) Lincoln at 199 - By By Frank J. Williams

(January 2008) Civil War Medicine - By By Peter J. D'Onofrio, Ph.D.



Working with Planners to Preserve Battlefields - By By Tanya Gosset

Fort DeRussy Update - By By Steve Mayeux

Cemeteries, Markers - By By Mike Mitchell

Searching Vermont - By By Howard Coffin

Civil War Philadelphia - By By Anthony Waskie

The Waterways - By By Terry Winschel

Where is the U.S. Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission? - By By Len Riedel

Dedicated To Preservation - By Wilson's Creek National Battlefield Foundation - By By Ron Elkins Jr., President

What To Preserve? - By By Bill Christen

Report From Richmond - By By Cindy MacLeod



The Museum of the Confederacy Is In A Preservation Battle - By By S. Waite Rawls III

Pamplin Park Acquires Gladstone Collection - By By Will Greene

The Wilderness - By By Carolyn Elstner

Preservation Musings - By By Blake Magner

Pry House Museum - By By George Wunderlich

Resurrecting A Regiment - By By Mark Dunkelman

Defining 'Core' - By By David Lowe

Protecting The Valley Battlefields - By protectkittel.htm



Abraham Lincoln Today- By Frank J. Williams

Honey Springs Battlefield Historic Site - By By Ralph Jones

Saving Trevilian Station Battlefield - By By Gerald Harlow

Report From Corinth - By By Rosemary Williams



Saving Fort DeRussy- By Steve Mayeux

A Report From The Civil War Preservation Trust - By By O. James Lighthizer

Jews As American Soldiers - By By Julilan Batlan

Preserving 'Sandusky' - By By Gregory H. Starbuck

Preserving Monocacy Battlefield - By By Cathy Beeler

Lincoln's Sanctuary Under Siege - By By Richard Moe

Saving Cedar Creek - By By Joseph W.A. Whitehorne

The Civil War Library and Museum: Past, Present, and Future - By By Michael A. Cavanaugh

Update From Fort Fisher - By By Greta Anita Lint



Protecting Antietam Battlefield - By By Tom Clemens

Celebrate The Victories - By By Len Reidel

Protecting Mount Vernon During the War, And Now - By By James C. Rees

Soldiers In The War In Georgia - By By Dan Childs

The Battle of Thompson's Station and 140 Years Later -By Gregory L. Wade

Civil War Preservation In Arkansas- By Mark K. Christ

Saving the Smaller Civil War Battle Sites: The Cabin Creek Battlefield in Oklahoma - By By Steven L. Warren

The ABPP and You - By By Paul Hawke

Perryville Partnerships -By Stuart W. Sanders

Preserving Kennesaw - By By Willie Ray Johnson