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Updated 3/20/14

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New Market’s Long Tradition Of Reenactments
By Troy D. Marshall
Sigel is moving up the Valley — was at Strasburg last night. I cannot tell you whether this is his destination. I would be glad to have your assistance at once with the cadets and the section of artillery. Bring all the forage and rations you can . . .


Time & Funds Running Out For ‘Camp Asylum’ Project
By Scott C. Boyd
COLUMBIA, S.C. – Archeologist Chester DePratter and his nine-person team are racing against the calendar to finish excavating a Confederate prisoner-of-war site before development begins. The dig began Jan. 6 and must end by April 30.

Five-Part ‘Untold Story’ To Begin Airing In April
DENVER, Colo. — “Civil War: The Untold Story,” a five-part documentary series focused on the Western Theater, will start airing on public television stations in April.


Pristine Earthworks In Triune, Tenn., Need Protection
By Gregory L. Wade
TRIUNE, Tenn. — Some of the best-preserved and relatively unknown Civil War earthworks in the country are hidden at a once obscure crossroads known as Triune.


Stadium On Fort Negley Grounds To Close; Site’s Future Undecided
By Gregory L. Wade
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — When one of the country’s largest Civil War structures, Fort Negley, was reopened in 2004 as part of the Nashville park system, visitors could look down the hill to see crowds watching baseball at Greer Stadium next door.


Monitor Conservation Lab Still Closed
By Scott C. Boyd
NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – For the first time since the USS Monitor Center opened in 2007 at The Mariners’ Museum, the wet lab housing USS Monitor artifacts under conservation was closed to visitors during the annual Battle of Hampton Roads Weekend marking the March 9, 1862, duel between ironclads

Updated 3/20/14