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Faces of War
by Ron Coddington

The stories and images of Civil War volunteers who enlisted, served and fought, who were wounded, captured and died of their wounds or disease, and those who survived are the subjects of "Faces of War."

Ron Coddington is a Washington, D.C., based visual journalist and collector of Civil War cartes de visite. He can be contacted at or (703) 532-3358.




Black Powder, White Smoke
by Joe Bilby

"Black Powder, White Smoke" covers both the historical and modern day use of original and reproduction Civil War small arms.

Joseph G. Bilby holds BA and MA degrees in history. He served as a lieutenant in the 1st Infantry Divison in Vietnam, is assistant curator of the NJ National Guard Museum, a member of the N-SSA and author of numerous articles and ten books on New Jersey and military history, including Small Arms at Gettysburg. His email address is



Round Table Review
by Matthew Borowick

The “Round Table Review” discusses the things that round tables do, from common issues such as managing volunteers, battlefield preservation, special activities and collaboration with others, to recruiting, using the Internet, fundraising and running Civil War trips, among many others.

Matthew Borowick is a member of the R.E. Lee Civil War Round Table and is Executive Director of its Civil War Library and Research Center.  He has spoken to numerous round tables about the court-martial of Fitz John Porter and about the economics of the Civil War.  His e-mail is



Medical Department
by James M. Schmidt

"Medical Department" describes interesting and new research regarding 19th-century medicine, including interviews with surgeons, physicians, nurses, historians and authors. Topics have included "phantom limbs," "glowing wounds," mental health, pensions, patent medicines and the care of African-American soldiers.

Jim Schmidt lives near Houston, Texas, where he is a pharmaceutical research scientist. His first book, ’Lincoln’s Labels’: America’s Best-Known Brands and the Civil War", was published by Edinborough Press in 2008. He welcomes feedback and ideas for this column and can be reached by e-mail at



The Watchdog
by contributing writers

The Watchdog is a non-profit that specializes in the social and material culture of the Civil War era. After years of publication as a quarterly, The Watchdog went on extended “furlough” and started publishing a column in Civil War News in January 2009. Proceeds from Watchdog publications and annual raffle benefit battlefield preservation.

Craig L. Barry is The Watchdog Editor. Bill Christen is Editor/Publisher Emeritus. Christen became publisher in 1998 and Barry joined as associate editor in 2003 and became co-editor in 2006. To reach them write or